Breca Run Swim Event Bay of Islands 2019 04

I had the privilege of being behind the scenes of this event, as part of the organisation team... and all I can say is WOW. I loved it... so forward thinking... from the way they have an amazing team and fantastic volunteers who come together to put on their events. What unites them is a passion for swimrun and a desire to guide a sport that is still in its genesis in a positive direction. To this end, they are leading the way with their Eco-friendly approach to event management: their entire 2017 series was cup-free, an initiative that has been copied by swimrun organisations all over the world. Long-term, their goal is to have a zero-waste series. Achieving this will be a journey, but one you can join us on by sharing your ideas for how they can improve. 

Other unique practices they adopted that I was impressed with were having cooked potatoes as snacks! These proved very popular... along with hot peppermint tea! I really loved the idea that you have to be with a partner the whole way, not just safety but makes it SO MUCH more FUN! I was really impressed... and the course... Oh YOU MUST DO THIS! From Islands, to off road beautiful tracks, through vineyards and Island hopping...AMAZING, just check out the photos they say it all! more photos