Cass on a Mission 2017 07

Cass talking about her journey getting fit and healthier, what has motivated her. Way to go Cassey, we are so proud of how far you have come. "Hi my name is Cassey and for the past year I have been on a mission. My dream is to become a police officer however this journey has not been without its challenges. Firstly, I was 110 kg at the start of this process and was more comfortable sitting on the couch eating sweets and watching a movie! Secondly my endurance was non existent! And lastly I wanted my results to happen overnight! After finishing university I moved back home and began calorie counting on an app called my fitness pal whilst attending the community fitness gym, I lost 8 kg. It took 2 months for me to stop going to the gym, I hated how lonely it was and how no one pushed me to do more, so I began pretending that i was going but really i was hiding in town from my mum feeding my sugar addiction! My motivation kicked in about a week after and i confessed my weakness to my mum, that same afternoon she had me on a diet where I cut all sugar out of my diet, including natural for 2 days every week, this curbed the cravings but I really struggled with what to eat and it was not enough to boost my weight loss as i had only lost another 3kg over 3 weeks. I did a little research and found a place that ran boot camps and boxing fitness and made it a personal goal to kick my butt! With them i lost another 6 kg and was slowly building my fitness but I felt that i was not improving on my run and press up requirements for the police test. My mother saw how frustrated I was getting so she researched and called the personal trainers in Kerikeri until she stumbled on Blast Fitness and Tracy. Tracy was the first person who sat me down and told me that my goals of achieving the fitness test in the next 3 months were ridiculous (I had it in my head that it would take 6 months)! She was very honest about what i needed to do and how long it would take and also the challenges of the job. She put me on a performance diet which consisted of 5 -7 small meals a day with a balance of 60% carbs, 30% proteins and 15% natural fats. I was also put on an intense training program of sprint training, distance running, timed runs, countless press ups and uphill running. Honestly I thought she was trying to kill me but I now weigh 71kg and have passed one of my physicals for the police, I still have 2 to go. Tracey has helped me with motivation and confidence in my ability; since meeting her I have completed the Kerikeri half marathon and the Tough guy and girl mud run. Losing weight, toning, strengthening or just becoming healthy is NEVER EASY and we all have lapses..... like my occasional donut run... shh don't tell my trainer!!!! Stay positive and don't stray for too long! A quote i found that helps " Every day you need to work harder than the last. So compared to how hard you're working today- yesterday seems easy." and in those weak times don't feel guilty remember failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently. Cassey  07 2017