Great Wall Of China Tour 2017 05 

Finally after 2 years of preparing the time was finally here! All those weekends of slogging it out training all came down to this. A colorful group of 23 who started out not knowing each other that well, ended up great friends. This tour certainly had the wow factor, everyday i was blown away with it all. After wanting to be there for so long to be able to actually stand on the Great Wall was incredible, it gave me goose bumps . We went up for a reccie the day before and boy was that an eye opener. The heat was so draining so we knew that it was going to be a scorcher Race day. Thank goodness we had some good advise from people that had done it before re training and nutrition [thanks Mavis from Dreamit and Judy from Marathon World] so that we were prepared. On the day we had record high temperatures which made the event so much harder. I was so proud of all the Blasters who smashed the wall in style, we kept our fluids and nutrition up and soaked in the atmosphere of the event. My best memory... seeing the joy and satisfaction on all the faces of our team! What an amazingly hard but incredible experience... But it didn't stop there! Over the next 6 days we had some amazing adventures. Travelling in the bullet speed train across the countryside, then cycling on the wall at Xian. Seeing the incredible size and construction of the Terracotta Warriors, all the Tea Shops experiences, and don't get me started on the food.... just YUMMY! Loved all the dishes and variety.  Finally,  Chengdu and the experience of seeing the Pandas up close and personal. They are incredible! Thank you to all the people that helped make this happen, I just had an adventure of a lifetime.. Would i do it again?... in a heartbeat! Want to see the Photos? [Album click here] Here is what some of the others had to say....

it was fantastic, really well organised, great guides and accommodation… really cant find any faults… had a blast and still buzzing. Annie   2017  06

Also, thanks again for such an amazing trip. Was perfect from our point of view...wouldn't have changed a thing (except perhaps accommodation at times...) Spoilt with Marriott :):):) Honesty we loved it and would go back in a heart beat to do it all again!! Xx Leanne 2017 06

 'We hadn’t toured with a group before and were worried before but  it was awesome and we would do it again in a heartbeat. Great bunch of people and thoroughly enjoyed it. Pretty full on but what do you expect when you only have 10 days so many thanks. Xx Dos 2017 06