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Our Fun Fitness Groups

Unfortunately we no longer running fitness sessions in the Far North as of 2021. Please contact me and I will pass you on to my dear friend who has taken over the sessions.   

What Julie has to say:

…A great group of people. Fun, inclusive, accepting of fitness levels. Great. Tracy exudes motivation, enthusiasm and wit. It is fun. I just have to turn up and do the class, I work hard with fun people 2 times a week for an hour and get fitter. We all are getting fitter. I run again now. Just started doing a bit of jogging at Blast, then some weekend runs with Blast. Built up consistently to now. I am going to do the half marathon on the Great Wall of China with a group of friends. How cool is that! All come true in a little over a year. Julie 2017 [Full story…..Click here] news link….