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Our Fun Fitness Groups

We celebrate our successes, we aim high and train hard to achieve our dreams. Whether you want to increase your fitness and strength, or want to accomplish a challenge. We support and encourage each other to push ourselves to be better. In these sessions we prepare our muscles, joints and minds for the rigors of training for our events. Mons and Thursdays 5.45pm at Blast HQ. Our Group packages include:


  •  Strength and Conditioning for all sports and events

  •  Fun and exciting team building exercises using lots of calisthenics. 

  •  A focus on Core development

  •  Personalised and Specialised training sessions

  •  Lots of Laughter and Fun!

Check out here for our upcoming challenges and latest dates / Prices for the sessions.

What Julie has to say:

…A great group of people. Fun, inclusive, accepting of fitness levels. Great. Tracy exudes motivation, enthusiasm and wit. It is fun. I just have to turn up and do the class, I work hard with fun people 2 times a week for an hour and get fitter. We all are getting fitter. I run again now. Just started doing a bit of jogging at Blast, then some weekend runs with Blast. Built up consistently to now. I am going to do the half marathon on the Great Wall of China with a group of friends. How cool is that! All come true in a little over a year. Julie 2017 [Full story…..Click here] news link….