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Our Fun Adventures

2021 has been a big year... I cant wait until we can organise more fun adventures for you all. We have relocated to Christchurch but as soon as we can we will be back up and organising more fun adventures. This is FUN!!! The preparation... the training...the plans... all leads up to this... our Events!!! Just so much laughter we have on our tours. We are well prepared so when we go the emphasis is on enjoyment of the moment. We go out of our comfort zone to create packages around events that are unique and off the beaten track! Lots of fun adventures ... The WOW FACTOR! That's what it is about! Check out our latest Events in news and want to hear more about our upcoming events?[ Click Here]. 

  • Fully inclusive tour travel arrangements including transport, accommodation, some meals and event entries.

  • Fun and exciting team tour adventures. 

  • Training package including performance nutrition plan, race day nutrition packs  [where applicable]and some costumes where applicable.

  • Personalised and specialised training sessions

  • Lots of Laughter and Fun!

 What Kerri has to say:

I had such a wonderful time, with awesome encouragement and team support from all the people came with us! Just wanted to know when their next ‘roadie’ trip was and Tracy told me all out China. so I decided it to join in their exciting adventure to China May 2017 Great Wall Marathon. The personal training advice and nutrition that I got from Tracy, combined with the group training runs have certainly made the challenge of preparing for the marathon fun and great preparation. For me, It’s about actively living life. Grabbing the opportunities that come your way, taking up the challenges and enjoying your achievements. Woohoo... Kerri 2017 [full story click here News]