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Kerri ,62 years. 2018 10

62 and out there doing it. Kerri recently completed the Vietnam Mountain Marathon (21km) and finished first in her age group. A fantastic achievement!  She states " I met Tracy and the Blast NZ team at the Paihia Beast mud run July 2016. They we so nice and they invited to join on another road trip to Rotorua, the Tough Guy and Girl Challenge August 2016. I had such a wonderful time, with awesome encouragement and team support from all the people came with us! Just wanted to know when their next ‘roadie’ trip was and Tracy told me all out China. So I decided it to join in their exciting adventure to China May 2017 Great Wall Marathon."

In May 2017, Kerri took on the China Wall marathon (42 km) in 38 degree heat but missed the 6 hours timing cut off at 34 km, so was not permitted to complete the remaining 8 km. It was a matter of best effort on day and she was happy to come home with a China Wall half marathon medal. In saying that, she still feels there might need to be a re-match with that China wall. After giving up smoking and deciding on a better work/life balance, she says running was a good way of getting rid of stress and figured anything is better than doing housework! Kerri competes in events because she can and life is for living.


She competed in her first half marathon toward the end 2014 and got a real sense of achievement when she finished it. She followed that up by competing her first full marathon in 2015 before she turned 60 and then competed again the following year to better her time and to just enjoy it. In 2016, she completed 13 events ranging from Tough Guy and Gal mud run, 34 km Hillary trail, Coastal Challenges, Wild Kiwi, 5 half marathons and a full marathon. as well completing a 36 week Small Business Management course. In 2017, she completed 12 events, as well as lots of training up north in Kerikeri with the group of 23, which she traveled over to China with.


In 2018, she completed 14 events to date, with 2 events to finish off the year. Kerri also managed to squeeze in a 20 week Money Management course earlier in the year. Next up for Kerri is a cycle of the 152 km Otago Rail Trail in early December and then she finishes off the year with 15 km Wild Auckland run around Muriwai Beach tracks and forest, the day after she returns from her escapades down south.


Kerri registers for events and by doing so sets herself a goal to achieve, which gives her motivation to go out and train. She says she has one speed and takes things at her own pace, slow and steady. You meet lots of friendly people along the way, other competitors run past her but then she ends up passing them, as they are walking and catching their breath. This passing and re-passing manoeuvre can happen numerous times throughout an event, but it’s also a nice kind of reward to put on a bit of pace and pass them right on the finish line. Kerri has always been a reasonably active person, playing netball and enjoying the outdoors but is really enjoying partaking in mud runs, trail runs, cycling, and other things along these lines. To quote Kerri "It’s great to be able to look back at the past 4 years and realise how far I have come, with the people I have met and experiences I have gained. The personal training advice and nutrition that I got from Tracy, combined with the group training runs have certainly made the challenge of preparing for the marathon fun and great preparation. For me, It’s about actively living life. Grabbing the opportunities that come your way, taking up the challenges and enjoying your achievements. Woohoo".

Nice work Kerri, you are an inspiration to us all!

Julie At 60 years. 


'I have had an active life, sports including sailing, biking running, dancing. But it is harder to stay fit and the bit I found challenging - hard to motivate myself any more. I felt like my motivation had been sucked out of my veins by time, children and husband. The gym didn't offer relief anymore - same exercises - done by myself - or in a self-focused class. 

I needed to exercise and stretch regularly to keep muscles strong to keep niggling old injuries under control and so I can continue to do the things I enjoy, well enjoyably, a base fitness level to keep me healthy. I don't need to be able to ride with the guys any more, but I do want to ride. My knees were sore - I thought I would never run again. 

Then along came BLAST.A great group of people. Fun, inclusive, accepting of fitness levels. Great. Tracey exudes motivation, enthusiasm and wit. It is fun. I just have to turn up and do the class, I work hard with fun people 2 times a week for an hour and get fitter. We all are getting fitter. I run again now. Just started doing a bit of jogging at Blast, then some weekend runs with Blast. Built up consistently to now. I am going to do the half marathon on the Great Wall of China with a group of friends. How cool is that! All come true in a little over a year.Yeah! Thanks Tracy."


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