Mission Impossible Blast Xmas Bash 2017 12

This Awesome team building exercise that our fitness group did for our Xmas time get together was based on the 1970's Mission Impossible Series. In this adventure our teams were on a mission to recover a suitcase, retrieve some stolen jewels and apprehend the dastardly sneaky thief!  Our fitness group blasters were on the run, working together to solve this crime! Included in the task were sneaking into a cold dark ammunition factory, and recovering an object in the unstable 'gelignite', as well as tracking down and catching the elusive criminal. Lots of fun... lots of laughs, and what a great way to finish the year in true BLAST style! 

Click here for our Corporate section to see more about our specialised team building exercises,  and more photos on this link here on our facebook page. Many thanks to all my Blasters that joined me for this adventure and I look forward to more in 2018 with you all.