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Veitnam Mountain Run 2018 

St Clair Winery  2018 05 

Russell Birdman Event 2018

Just the WOW factor...  very hard and challenging runs up in the mountains of Sapa, down to the Mekong Delta...  Are we going back? you bet ya! [More]

We travelled to the wine region in MARLBOROUGH ... trailing through the vines, along the river...just spectacular scenery! Loved this adventure! We soaked in the ambience of the Food Festival, amazing wineries and the incredible South Island scenery... who could ask for more...

What is more fun than jumping off a perfectly good wharf in the middle of winter??? Whose Keen.... Yup and we took away the prize for the our Taniwha!!!... more

The Northland Experience 2019 01 


Breca Run Swim Bay of Islands   2019 04

Love to do tours in my own back yard! This time I was taking the tour for a new and exciting tour company 'Northland Experiences'. We get to explore my favorite places... [more] 

I love this race!! You work together win a team,you have to stay together at all times!!! Swimming through the most beautiful Islands surrounding the Bay, climbing over Islands... Just Magic... What made this race so special....[ More]

Great Wall Of China Tour 2017 05 

Finally after 2 years of preparing the time was finally here! All those weekends of slogging it out training all came down to this. A colorful group of 23 who started out not knowing each other that well, ended up great friends. This tour certainly had the wow factor....see more

Blasting in their 60's 2017 03 

I have had an active life, sports including sailing, biking running, dancing. But it is harder to stay fit and the bit I found challenging - hard to motivate myself any more. I felt like my motivation had been sucked out of my veins....see more

The Beast 2018 06

Coastal Challenge 2018 02 

The Taniwhas came out to play in the mud! Such a fun event sloshing through the mud in Paihia.  Slipping ans sliding and tackling white angels in theMUD!!! Ha ha... Just so much fun...more 

Wow what an awesome challenge! Wading through water, running along coastline, clambering over fallen down trees, rock hopping and more! 33kms smashed out...see more

Just For FUN 2017 08

The Dual 2018 03 

Cass on a Mission 2017 07

We embraced the cowboy theme for the 10 year anniversary special event. This was really fun, following the lava path over and up from Motatapu to Rangitoto! Loved this adventure... Yeahaa! More...

Hi my name is Cassey and for the past year I have been on a mission. My dream is to become a police officer however this journey has not been without its challenges. Firstly, I was 110 kg at the start of this process ...see more


For the Why- Megan 2017 04

The Wild Kiwi 2018 04 

Who will accept this Mission? If any members of your team are caught or killed we will disavow any knowledge of your actions.... See more

In 2015 & 2016 we were confronted with bereavement grief after the loss of family members, friends and an employee – the catch phrase – “you only live once” suddenly became very real and I decided to do the race for them ...see more

One of the hardest half marathons in New Zealand.... and I would have to agree! This one was hard yet very rewarding! 5000 stairs burning up and down ridges along the spectacular Whangarei Heads....more  

Urupukapuka Survivor 2017 02

For the moments 2017

Tough Mudder 2018 11

Was an awesome day out at Urapukapuka Island for the Corporate team Building Challenge that we organised for the DHL conference in the Bay of Islands. The team had a great day out exploring the Island and conquering...see more

That special moment when they go from " I cant do it, to "I did it, I can Float!"... Just Magic! It feels great to be able to help save our children's lives and help them keep safe as possible around the water.  The 5 key points.... see more

We went all out with this one! Yup nighties, shower caps the works!!! So much fun sliding in the mud and climbing the obstacles...[more]

Robin Hood Challenge 2018 12 

Xmas Mission Impossible 2017 12

Night Mission Impossible 2019 05

In this team building challenge we went back in time to have an adventure with Robin and his merry men. Full of intrigue and adventure, with it finishing in a happy ending???  more...

Mystery ...intrigue and more. Your mission if you choose to accept it is too locate the stolen jewels... but watch out as the Russian Mafia are on your tail... see more

Mystery ...intrigue and more. Your mission if you choose to accept it is too locate the stolen jewels... but watch out as the Russian Mafia are on your tail...and ALL IN THE DARK....

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