Just For FUN 2017 08

Mud, laughter and tears of joy at Rotorua for the Tough Guys and Girls Challenge. A fun adventure in Priscilla to play in the MUD!! So much fun we had over the weekend Roadie Trip in our trustie van, Priscilla! Music cranked up, lots of sightseeing stops to try the local delicacies... L & P ice creams in Paeroa, Fruit Wine in Awakeri[ thats a story in itself!] and sampling the local cuisine in Whakatane and Ohope Beach. My first time to Ohope, but I love it! Will definitely be back!!! The drive over from Ohope to Rotorua took us about an hour through  the forests and lakes around Rotorua, just so breathtaking! The day of the event was overcast... but not too cold [ thank goodness!] we got lucky with the rain not starting to half way around the second lap [ some did the 6kms and some braved a second lap and did the 12kms!] This course was lots of mud, a nice combination of obstacles, hills, forest track and farmland... I really enjoyed the challenge and variety! Tracy xxxx Here is what our new Blaster to join us had to say.. want to see more photos? click here


" I have been attending Blast Boot camp sessions since last year and have heard all about their fun adventures. Tracy and Julie asked me to come and told me I would have lots of fun with this one... but I didn't think I was fit enough! I was very nervous as I have not done anything like this before. Tracy helped to prepare me for  this together with all the other girls in the team on training runs/walks in the weekend . They encouraged and supported me. The week before the event I was looking for excuses to not go as I was worried, but I couldn't... so I went, and what great FUN it was!! Just the whole weekend with this lovely group of people... Magic!  I walked/ ran with the others doing the 6kms and they really supported and looked after me! I was out of my comfort zone but I challenged myself and achieved. Thanks Tracy I cant wait for the next adventure now!" Kaye 2017