For the Swimming moments 2017

I have been involved with teaching Learn to Swim since my oldest child was 2 years old when i started swimming lesson with him [he is now 16...]. This ignited a passion in me to teach. I love being in the water, growing up on the rugged west coast of New Zealand and being an in Surf Life Saving since I was young. I now get to share that passion with the children and love seeing the look on their faces as they overcome their fears and accomplish amazing feats. That special moment when they go from " I cant do it, to "I did it, I can Float!"... Just Magic! I am privileged to be able to go into the schools with Sport Northland and the Water Safety Program to impart my knowledge and help our children learn to appreciate and respect the water as much as I do. It feels great to be able to help save our children's lives and help them keep safe as possible around the water. Every day is a 'moment'. They always try so hard, and the look of joy on their faces when they get it! Priceless. Tracy xx

The 5 key points that we try to impart when we do the program to help them stay safe around the water:

  1. Never swim alone- always have someone watching you, even as an adult so if you get into trouble some one knows what has happened and can get help.

  2. Put your safety first- yes, do not go into a dangerous situation, if someone is in trouble... go get help! Don't put yourself in danger as well.

  3. If in doubt- stay out! If you don't feel comfortable and it is outside your level of confidence, stay out until you can make it safer, maybe get a parent or adult to come in with you, or take some thing that floats.

  4.  Check the weather- if a storm is coming, don't risk going out, go another day when it is calmer.

  5. Tell someone what your doing, where you are going and when you will be back... if anything happens they know where to find you.    

We hold our swimming lessons [after school program, and pre school] only in the summer months , November to March. They are held in cold outdoor pools that are deep. We call them realistic with our emphasis on water safety first and then the finer points of technique. We start with 30 mins [learn to swim] and then our development squad [breaststroke, butterfly, turns, starts and finishes] is 45 mins. Our little swimmers always amaze me with their progress and enthusiasm over the few months that we teach. Love to see the ones that are especially scared overcoming their fears and enjoying having fun in the water. If you want more.. Click here to contact us.

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