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Specialised Training Services

We have moved! 2021 we are currently not doing training sessions. Although please contact me for specialised training programs and I will see if I can help.


Train Hard, Work Hard and Have Fun! The key is to stay focused, set realistic goals, be prepared to work hard, lots of variety, and most importantly MAKE IT FUN! Everyone is unique therefore we use our experience to create specific and specialised training programs. Its about getting the balance right and training SMARTER! Check out our News for stories and upcoming events. Our training packages can include:


  • Specialised Programs to fit your lifestyle needs

  • Performance Nutrition Plans and Event Supplements, such as Race Day Packages[click Nutrition Services for more]

  • Recovery and injury suggestions

  • Personalised and specialised training , including group FUN-DAY runs and one on one intense training sessions.

What Cass has to say:

…She was very honest about what I needed to do and how long it would take and also the challenges. Tracy put me  on an intense training program of sprint training, distance running, timed runs, countless press ups and uphill running. She also put me on a performance diet and has helped me with motivation and confidence in my ability; since meeting her I have completed the Kerikeri half marathon and the tough guy and girl mud run. Losing weight, toning, strengthening or just becoming healthy is NEVER EASY Stay positive and don't stray for too long! A quote i found that helps " Every day you need to work harder than the last. So compared to how hard you're working today- yesterday seems easy." and in those weak times don't feel guilty remember failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently…. Cassey 2017 [Full story…..Click here] news link….