Vietnam Mountain Event

September 2022...

[8 day and 15 day tours]

Welcome to the incredible sights, sounds an flavors of Vietnam. This package has been UNIQUELY PREPARED  to enhance your experience with great immersion into their culture. Vietnam Mountain Marathon ...the small dirt roads and narrow trails will take you through majestic mountains and valleys, challenging climbs...exhilarating descents and a true glimpse of local life through the villages and gonna love this adventure [more].... 

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Resilience 2022

Valley Ultra

If you want to get down and dirty and have a whole lot of fun, then these unique off-road running events are for you. Just good dirty fun! Ultra marathons to 10km.This event is  great fun and technically challenging... a wee bit of training involved but definitely doable for most! We book and organise all your accommodation and transport... so you just relax and enjoy the adventure. Check out 

Set in the spectacular stunning Carigeburn valley, the courses takes you through the castle hill basin in t he shadow of Mt Cheeseman... this is one amazing challenge. Check it out  

Breca Run Swim  2 April 2022

In 2002 two teams challenged each other to run and swim 75km over 26 islands in the Stockholm archipelago. The rules were simple: the last team had to drink and pay for the rounds at the bars lining the route.

From this beginning the sport of swimrun was born. Events take place on trail and in open water; teams race in pairs wearing a wetsuit and trainers, transitioning seamlessly between running stages and swimming stages. This takes place swimming and running around the Bay the Islands, Northland, NZ 37km and 17km of FUN... with them most incredible sights...  [more]

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